CNC Turning and Milling

Welcome to the website of the company KOVO FRITZ s.r.o. Since 2006, we have been engaged in CNC machining. Our specialization is the serial production of very precise and complex milled parts. The company is managed by a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 standard. There are approximately 45 employees in the company.

Our services can been used by the customers from the Czech Republic and from abroad as well. Due to the specialization of production, our customers are mainly from abroad.

Complete services

The goal of our company is to provide complete services, so that we can meet all the requirements of our customers. In our offer, you will therefore find not only turning and milling on CNC machines, but also heat treatment and assembly of finished parts.


For each machine, the worker performs regular measurement, which is recorded electronically in the system for the assessment of the stability of the production process (Cp, Cpk), which the customers start to require after a certain period of time. All our facilities, including the production hall, are for the increase of the accuracy of the manufactured parts air-conditioned.

"By combining the modern machining technology, automation, and professionalism of the employees we achieve the maximum quality and production efficiency at a very affordable price."

Metal machining

Our company is engaged in various types of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals machining. We can offer to you turning and milling, milling and gear shaping, surface finishing and more.

Machine equipment

Our goal is to produce the best quality products. That is why you will find modern CNC machines in our machinery. Thanks to modern facilities in our production, we can produce flange wheels with diameters up to 250 mm and shafts with lengths of 420 mm and milling in 5 axis with 650 mm diameters.

Photo gallery

Check out the results of our work. Thanks to modern technologies, these are precisely processed parts that require minimum manufacturing tolerance.